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Frequently Asked Questions

Demo Lease, Standard Lease, Premium Lease and Unlimited Lease

Order A License

1. Click the + button next to the beat you wish to purchase.
2. Select the type of license.
3. Bulk rates and special discounts will be applied automatically.  If you have a coupon, you can apply it by opening the menu on the left side.
4. Click
BUY NOWto finalize your order. On the following screen, you will be asked to confirm your purchase before the transaction is processed through Paypal.

Instant Delivery

Once the transaction has been processed, you will receive an email with download links to your purchased audio files.  This should happen in less than five minutes after submitting the payment. Your contract will be emailed separately within 48 hours.

Demo Lease

$10 each


  • Distribute 250 units
  • Untagged instrumental (MP3)

Standard Lease

$18 each


  • Distribute 2000 units
  • Untagged instrumental (MP3)
  • Untagged instrumental (WAV)

Premium Lease

$45 each


  • Distribute 8000 units
  • Untagged instrumental (MP3)
  • Untagged instrumental (WAV)
  • Multi-track studio files (WAV)

Unlimited Lease

$75 each


  • Unlimited distribution
  • Untagged instrumental (MP3)
  • Untagged instrumental (WAV)
  • Multi-track studio files (WAV)

Included on all purchases

  • Tag Removed – The tag from the intro will be removed.
  • Instant Delivery – All purchased audio files are delivered instantly upon purchase.
  • No Royalties Due – All license rates are a one-time flat fee for usage.
  • No Time Limit – Your license does not expire until you have reached the limit for distribution.
  • Contract – A signed and dated document will be delivered by email within 48 hours of receiving payment.  This document will validate your rights of usage and meets all necessary criteria to be accepted by any retailer or music distributor.
ALL BULK RATES 1x 2x 3x 8x 12x
Demo Lease Rights $10 $15 $20 $40 $50
Standard Lease Rights $18 $27 $36 $72 $90
Premium Lease Rights $45 $60 $90 $180 $225
Unlimited Lease Rights $75 $112 $150 $300 $375
Exclusive Rights (for beats marked as on sale) $150 $225 $275 $600 $750

Live broadcasts occur weekly.

You are invited to come listen to unreleased material, learn production techniques, discuss music culture and network with other artists. I’m also glad to offer feedback on your music if you wish to share it.

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